Do you dream of hair? 

Do you think about hair when you're alone in your car?

Do you mentally do the hair of the person in front of you in line?

Do you have encouraging advice you can only give your boss - once they are your EX-boss?

If you ARE...Driven, Motivated, Talented, Team Player, Loyal, 

On Time, Focused, Good Listener, Have a Good Attitude

If you ARE NOT...Mean, Diva, Drama Queen, Know It All, Late, Bad Attitude, Gossiper

If you DO want...A Fun Work Environment, Room To Grow, Drama Free Company, More Free Time, Continual Education, Mentor/Coach

Then you should apply to work with us at

Fireflies Salon!!!

30500 State Hwy 181

Eastern Shore Centre, Ste 240

Spanish Fort, AL  36527

Tel 251.626.0707



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       30500 State Highway 181, Ste 240  Spanish Fort, AL  36527          251.626.0707                    @fireflies_salon